Hi there, it’s Janice here – usually tied to a phone in Friendship Travel’s office in Northern Ireland, but just returned from my first-ever singles ski trip, so I want to share it with you.

It was brilliant! I am a convert to skiing.  This was a special four-day familiarisation visit, to help me understand how our ski partners, Mark Warner, look after Friendship Travel’s singles ski holiday guests in the Alps.

I arrived in Val d’Isere in the first week of the season: there had been very little snow beforehand and everyone was holding their breath, hoping the forecast was right, but when I arrived there was literally no snow to be seen.  But thankfully, by dinnertime, Val d’Isere was covered in snow and it continued to fall heavily for the rest of the trip!

I was staying at the Chalethotel Cynaski, which is a three-star standard property managed by Mark Warner Ski and though the rooms were quite basic, they had everything you need when you’re on this sort of holiday, and it was very cosy, friendly and sociable – ideal for single skiers.

On one evening, we had dinner at the Chalethotel Val d’Isere, which is larger and – as a four-star – more luxurious. Mind you, the food at both hotels was of the same high standard: I often feel awkward when I’m eating out, because I have to follow a Gluten-free diet, but both hotels had been warned in advance and so were very attentive to my needs, and the chef even asked me what I’d like him to cook for me during my stay.

Another plus point was that both hotels had two great après ski happy hours – one in the afternoon and another after dinner.  This, along with the fact that the package includes wine with dinner, meant that I spent a lot less than I expected on having fun!

The resort of Val d’Isere is very pretty and really lovely to walk around during the day.  There are plenty of gift shops and of course shops selling ski wear.  I found the coffee shops to be quite expensive though: €4 for a coffee, so I decided to have my coffee and hot chocolate at the hotel, where you can help yourself to free tea, coffee and hot chocolate all day long.

The nightlife in Val d’Isere was a mixture of quiet and lively so you can choose which style of après ski suits you.  There are plenty of bars for social drinks, but if you want a livelier night with a bit of dancing there are a few small clubs to go to.

I was the only non-skier in the group, and as much as I was excited about my first visit to the Alps, I was also very nervous.  However the rest of group helped me carry my skis and gave me tips which eased my nerves before I went off for my ski lesson.  And my instructor was amazing, so instead of coming home with broken bones, I actually managed to stay upright and had a great day on the slopes, loving every minute of it: the aches and pains afterwards were worth it.

A skiing holiday is a holiday for all ages.  Everyone from young to old mix and socialise together, because they all have one important thing in common, a love for skiing!  I absolutely loved it too and will definitely be back skiing soon.