The idyllic resort of Olu Deniz has been voted by users of online travel guide giant TripAdvisor as having the best beach in all of Europe.

On the edge of a quaint and charming village, the stunning beach has been officially recognised as a favourite amongst those looking for complete relaxation on their getaway. Organisers of the survey pointed to the beach’s calm and tranquil atmosphere as one of the main reasons for its popularity.  

The TripAdvisor report also makes note of the fact that Olu Deniz enjoys a great reputation as a fantastic destination for holidaymakers interested in paragliding, with its incredible views of its azure waters, golden beaches and dramatic mountainous scenery.

Olu Deniz is the perfect place for a break, whether you are looking for group or solo holidays. Boasting some of the most crystal clear waters in the world, visitors always take away amazing memories away from their time in the area.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Margory June