Sicily retains old-world charmA recent review from a major national broadsheet has praised Sicily for its old-world charm. Whilst other places in Italy offer bustling streets, high fashion and the latest gadgets, time seems to have stood still in Sicily.

A reporter from The Australian has recently visited the island and praises the food and art of the area as a rare and unique find. The market of Vucciria was a particular favourite and products such as giant mulberries, wild mushrooms and the cedro, a local citrus fruit that resembles a giant lemon, all got praised. All of the produce sold in the market is from the local area, giving a refreshing look at what it really means to eat local.

The art of Sicily is commended for its defiance in refusing to follow mainstream Italian art; the Renaissance movement went relatively unnoticed in Sicily. Instead, art was for the everyday man and a sculpture by Serpotta at the Santa Zita was one of the reporter’s favourites.

The intriguing and refreshing culture of the Italian island is perfect for those who want to get away from the constant noise of urban life and try out something different, and is an ideal holiday destination for those who love solo holidays.

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