After news of Vietnam’s booming economy arrived last month, now Vietnam’s tourism sector is targeting huge numbers.

Vietnam Tourism

Vietnam’s tourism sector is aiming for some truly impressive gains by the year 2020. The country is looking to attract 20 million international visitors and 82 million local holiday-makers for a combined revenue of $35 billion.

The tourism sector is expected to make up over 10 percent of Vietnam’s GDP in the next three years, whilst creating an expected 4 million jobs in the process.

Vietnam’s tourist industry is putting forward a whole host of initiatives to help grow the sector and the hope is that through tourism, international visitors to the country will start to understand more about its culture.

Vietnam is looking to bring together many different sectors and industries to help provide the best possible experience for visitors and singles on holiday, using all resources at their disposal to ultimately help maximise the fruits that such tourism provides.

As reported on vietnamnet, the director of Saigontourist Company Vo Anh Tai said that the government should “have referential policies on land use and facilitate visa paperwork to attract more international travellers”.

The country is also looking to add more attractions for tourists during the night as well as river tours. Investments in landscape and riversides are being proposed to help bring this to fruition.