Looking for your next holiday destination? Why not consider the beautiful island destination of Rhodes in Greece? With incredible weather and brilliant attractions, it’s an easy decision to make. There are a hundred and one reasons to make Rhodes the location of your next solos holiday but, in this article, we are highlighting just some of the very best. Read on to discover why you should travel to Rhodes.

It has a glorious climate

Greece is known for its incredible weather and gorgeous temperatures. So, the fact that Rhodes is the sunniest location in Greece says a lot. The island boasts a perfect climate for enjoying a relaxing holiday in the sun, with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C. The weather is still glorious in spring and autumn so no matter when you want to visit, you can look forward to fun in the sun. For those looking to escape the unreliable British weather, Rhodes is the perfect choice.

There are amazing historic sites

You won’t be short of fascinating things to see and do in Rhodes, with the island being home to some amazing historic sites. Rhodes has a fascinating history ranging back to Ancient Greece and, as a result, history lovers will be in their element. The Acropolis of Lindos is the jewel in the crown, featuring temples from 300 BC, an ancient staircase, Roman structures, and much more.

The Medieval City of Rhodes is another must-visit location and a true joy to explore, being the former home of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. Featuring such delights as the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Streets of the Knights, this remarkable area is rich in Gothic architecture and has history around every corner.

Or how about the Acropolis of Ialysos? This site includes the Temple of Athena Polias, the 4th century BC Doric fountain-house, Byzantine fortifications and monasteries, as well as many other delights.

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Rhodes has fabulous beaches

Lindos beach

Those looking for a beach holiday will love Rhodes as the island has spectacular coastal areas and a collection of lovely sandy beaches. Whether you want to go snorkelling in the tranquil waters or just enjoy a spot of sunbathing, there is a beach to suit every taste on Rhodes with plenty of variety all around the island. Combine the fabulous beaches with Rhodes’ perfect weather and you have a beach holiday destination to rival anywhere else in the world.

The food is delicious

Many are attracted to the famously healthy Mediterranean diet and Rhodes is the ideal place to tuck in. Serving up beautiful, fresh seafood and traditional Rhodian dishes, dinner time is definitely an occasion to look forward to. Further, Rhodes’ top wines have been famed since the island’s ancient past due to their quality. The island’s vineyards benefit from the fertility of the soil and the constant sun. There are plenty of dining establishments to frequent, many of which serve up traditional local dishes cooked with ingredients sourced from the island itself.

Dishes to try in Rhodes include:

  • Matsi: A type of handmade pasta cooked in meat stock and enriched with cheese and butter.
  • Tsouka: A casserole type dish including typical Greek pasta, traditional goat meat, and a tasty upper crust.
  • Lakani: Slow-cooked veal, lamb, or goat in tomato sauce cooked inside a traditional wood oven.

Where should I stay in Rhodes?

Okay, so you are convinced that Rhodes is a fantastic holiday destination but where should you stay? Well, there are some brilliant options but one well worth considering is the lovely Karpathios Studios in Pefkos. Featuring laidback beaches with great transport links to the major attractions such as Lindos and Rhodes Old Town, Pefkos is a prime location. Karpathious Studios is only 500 metres away from the crystal-clear sea, sits high above the beach and features a pool, poolside bar, and restaurant.

Reasons to visit Rhodes

  • It has a glorious climate
  • There are amazing historic sites
  • Rhodes has fabulous beaches
  • The food is delicious

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